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Wild Spirit of Forest

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Welcome to the site of mainecoon cattery "Wild Spirit of Forest".
Mainecoons as breed have interested us for a long time. The combination of a wild animal kind and tender character - all that we would like to see in our cats. In 2006 was born our first cat Russi Mystic Akira, and who became the founder of our cattery. As any first cat, she was acquired on a huge sincere impulse. Later, participating in exhibitions and having studied a lot of information about mainecoons, we were able to appreciate as well and it's excellent breed qualities. We are Grace to Anna Panina (Akira`s breeder) for the excellent cat, as well as support for our initiatives. Our knowledge of the mainecoons grew up together with our first cat. Acquisition of new cats have been subordinated to the goal of the cattery. We strive to get mainecoon with a long body, strong heavy bones, head square shapes with big square "box", large ears. We like cats with a wild species of this forest beast is capable of taking care of themselves in the wild wood terrain and harsh climate, what were these cats initially. The purpose of our cattery - breeding of a harmonious development of healthy animals, combining not only the specific breed characteristics, but also a truly gentle friendly Mainecoon`s character. At our site you can see males and females of our cattery, our kittens and pictures of our offsprings.

If you have any questions about the breed or the purchase of a kitten in our cattery, please call:

or write to e-mail: info@forestcoon.ru

Sincerely, Diana and Adilya.
mainecoon cattery
"Wild Spirit of Forest"